Q. How are you?


I’m quite confused. Relationships are mechanical and the gap between the individual and natural systems is a total construct. There’s no absolutes, only human constructs. So I’m pretty confused.


Q. How are your cats?


Understanding situations is always a projection of beliefs. I thought they were sad today but that was just me. When a belief becomes collectivised it becomes an absolute. So I guess if everyone thought my cats were sad, they would be.


Q. Where are you?


Just living in all the systems! Trying to wriggle into those little gaps we lose during the process of standardisation but they're pretty hard to find. At the moment I’m really enjoying being at bus stops. It’s like my work. It’s very temporary. Just like belief. 


Q. What are you up to?


Running. But not really going anywhere. You should join me! Lets go on a run. I can provide the situation; you provide the reason. And the sweat bands.

2016 - 9 Glasgow School of Art BA Sculpture and Environmental Art 

Working in Yongin, Korea



2018 <Watching the flying bird who couldn't fly>, Pig Rock Bothy, Edinburgh

2018 <For a good pun>, The Barnes Building, Glasgow

2018 < ?+Friday > The Barnes Building, Glasgow

2017 <Spit it out>, Kelvingrove park, Glasgow




2019 Feb <A Skilled Wrist>, New Glasgow Society, Glasgow 

2019 Jan <Belt andBraces>,The Barnes Building, Glasgow

2018 Nov<Watching the flying bird who couldn't fly>, Pig Rock Bothy, Edinburgh

2018 Mar<Assembly line>, The Pipe Factory, Glasgow